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Reform Osteopaths Lymm


Here at Reform Osteopaths, Lymm we provide a very unique set of services. 

We offer both Osteopathic Treatment & Sports massage which aim to relieve your pain and discomfort through hands on treatment. With this we will also educate you in simple lifestyle adjustments that can be made to improve your quality of life. 

We also offer Animal Osteopathy, with specialties in Equine and Canine Osteopathy. If your animal is experiencing any aches, pains or musculoskeletal issues then we will help provide relief &  improve function through non-invasive & drug free treatment methods.

Physical Therapist

Human Osteopathy

We offer a wide range of treatment methods to relieve any Musculoskeletal issues you may be suffering with. 

Animal Osteopathy

Specialising in Dogs & Horses, we can help relieve aches & pains without unnecessary use of medication.


Sports Massage

Best utilised for superficial tissue dysfunctions or for maintenance alongside Osteopathic Treatment.

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