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All About Reform Osteopaths Lymm

Reform is a brand new boutique clinic at the heart of Lymm, Cheshire. Opening in early 2022 we aim to promote the modern principles of Osteopathy. Long gone are the days of receiving a complicated diagnosis and repetitive treatment. We will take time to explain your condition in a way that's easy to understand, working with you and your body to establish what treatment methods best suit you.

Our primary goal is to use our hands on approach to improve your health, while providing an education of how you can help yourself through daily lifestyle adjustments. We are committed to providing relief from pain and a full recovery without the unnecessary use of medication. Our goal is to restore the highest quality of life by utilising the bodies natural restorative abilities.

Contact us to find out more about our services and to discuss how we can help you.


Patrick Jennings M.Ost

I spent 4 years at Swansea University studying a masters in Osteopathy. While at university I developed an extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries, exercise rehabilitation and nutrition. I enjoy using both modern and traditional osteopathic techniques, with a primary objective of reducing pain and increasing the ability to carry out daily activities.


My personal journey with Osteopathy began in my early teens due to being a keen sportsman. Originally it was treatment for an injury, but I soon learnt the importance of using treatment as a preventative measure, rather than a cure, which had greater benefits than all of the training I was doing. I became fascinated by an Osteopaths ability to establish the source of dysfunction and treat appropriately with direct and indirect manual techniques supported by exercise prescription.

In addition to my Master qualification, I have also completed a post-graduate degree in Animal Osteopathy with the renowned Stuart McGregor at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals. This additional qualification came as a result of a life spent around dogs & horses where I learnt the harsh realities of loving a pet that becomes hurt, and how animals should have just as many resources as humans when it comes to alleviating pain.

While playing rugby at Lymm Rugby & Squash Club, I regularly use the gym and have a growing interest in functional strength and conditioning for all body types.


I also hold a qualification in structural and kinesiology taping which can be used alongside treatment.

Over time I wish to gain further qualifications which can enhance Osteopathic Treatment.

What We Treat

A common misconception is that Osteopaths only treat neck and back pain. This isn't the case, as we are trained in treating the whole body and aim to reduce pain regardless of its location.

Common injuries treated are:


- Neck pain

- Headaches

- Back pain (upper & lower)

- Sciatica

- Tennis/Golf elbow

- Ligament/Tendon injuries

- Repetitive strain injuries 

- Shoulder pain

- Hip pain

- Knee pain

- Foot/Ankle pain

- Pregnancy related pain

Injuries are primarily treated using:

- Soft/Deep Tissue Massage

- Mobilisation 

- Manipulation

- Myofascial Release

- Muscle Energy Technique

Accompanying hands on treatment, we educate you in ways to help yourself through exercises, stretches, nutrition and recommend other lifestyle changes such as exercise classes and mindfulness. 

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