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Compassionate Canine & Equine Osteopath in Lymm

If your pet appears stiff, sluggish, or reluctant to perform activities they once enjoyed, it could be time to arrange a visit with our skilled canine and equine osteopath in Lymm. Animals often struggle to communicate their discomfort, leaving you wondering what's wrong. Our specialist osteopathy appointments are designed to address any ailments your dog or horse may be suffering with and alleviate the discomfort. 

Experienced Animal Osteopath in Cheshire

Patrick, our osteopath, completed a rigorous 12-month postgraduate degree at the prestigious Osteopathic Centre for Animals. This allows him to offer osteopathic treatment for all animals, with a special focus on canine and equine osteopathy.

Just like human osteopathy, animal osteopathy focuses on improving an animal's musculoskeletal system.


By using gentle manipulations and techniques, Patrick can help your pet achieve:

  • Improved mobility and flexibility

  • Faster recovery from injuries

  • Enhanced athletic performance

  • Reduced pain and discomfort

  • Overall better well-being

Equine Osteopathy

Horses are incredible athletes, but they can also be prone to aches and pains due to training, competition, or deterioration over time. Our mobile equine osteopathy service allows Patrick to come directly to your stables and assess your horse in their familiar environment. This approach helps identify any musculoskeletal issues that may be affecting your horse's comfort and performance.


Initial Consultation & Treatment

Applies to the first time visiting any horse. Includes taking a case history, movement assessment and treatment.

£60 per horse


Follow Up/Maintanence  Appointment

Applies to group bookings only ( 3 or more horses at the same location ). If we have already carried out an initial consultation then follow-up prices apply.

£50 per horse

Home visits & Emergency Call Out

Applies to visiting just one horse regardless of having visited before or not.

£60 per horse

Canine Osteopathy

Our dog-friendly clinic in Lymm, Cheshire provides a calm and comfortable space for your dog to be analysed and treated. However, we understand that not all dogs enjoy car journeys which is why we also offer a mobile canine osteopathy service for group bookings (3 or more dogs).

Whether you visit our osteopathy clinic in Lymm or require a home visit, Patrick will utilise his expertise to diagnose and treat any musculoskeletal problems affecting your pet.


Complete Consultation & Treatment

Applies to the first time seeing any dog. Includes taking a case history, movement assessment and treatment.

£45 per dog


Group Bookings

( 3 or more Dogs )

If you wish to have more than 3 dogs seen on the same day then we offer a group price.

£35 per dog

Reach Out To Reform Osteopaths in Lymm Today

We primarily operate in the North West, but we're always happy to discuss travel options or connect you with a qualified osteopath near you. Don't hesitate to contact Reform Osteopaths today to help your pet move with ease. 

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